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The problem here is with what you are using to clean your face. If you're using the heavily advertised brands you won't be satisfied. They are usually chemical based and extremely irritating. They can cause the skin to flake and the synthetic chemicals could well be toxic.

Alcohol is another ingredient that needs to be avoided. Use an organic soap with a natural lotion. Don't wash in tap water if possible as water with a high concentration of minerals is the best choice. I would definitely only use natural oily skincare products. These are not petroleum based and that is especially important for people with oily skin. They generally contain herbal oils that are easy for the skin to absorb and result in natural moisturizing.

Most oily skin is likely to have acne or other type of breakouts. This is usually due to larger that normal skin pores. The idea here is to keep the pores from being clogged and resulting in blemishes. Too much oil on the skin will attract dirt and retain it. It's ok to use a moisturizer but again not the petroleum based item. Your choice must be oil, wax and lipid free. Oily skin care should include a foaming type of wash. This is the best choice for oily skin, and acne.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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