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Thanks I got a sample from estee lauder but what put off with their products is they did not list full ingredients of what is in them! Hey though its good that the products are working for you, i am quite tempted to try out their night creams apparently they put most research into their products, see if i can get sample at some point too! If you want good hydration mask though Clinique turnaround is great and it also exfoliates skin too, its my fav product!
I was just wanted to say that I cannot say enough good things about Estee Lauders Time Zone. I think some ppl may think that I work for them
but I promise I don't. I love this product and it works really well for my skin which by the way is combination of oily and dry. I promise that I have seen a difference in my skin. I have noticed that my wrinkles are less noticable. I know that it is by no means as good as a face lift or Ret A but it is still well worth the 58.00 dollars I pd for it. Good Luck in finding something that works well for you.
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