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Olay Regenerist daily treatment cream

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What's your thoughts on this product
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What's your thoughts on this product
Hi Pinkelice,

Do you mean Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum? I love this stuff, nothing quite works to moisturize, smooth, and firm the skin on my face like this product. Quite frankly, I'm not sure why it works so well. Olay's claim is that "Regenerist Daily Regenerating Serum uses a concentrated form of an exclusive amino-peptide complex and combines it with Olay moisture to offer the maximum regeneration and hydration" Vitamins E and B are also listed as an ingredient. Who really knows if the concentration levels are high enough to make a difference or even if these ingredients make a difference period. What I do know, is that in the six months I've been using this product there has been a marked improvement in the condition (smaller pores, fine lines reduced, brighter tone) and elasticity of my skin.

Hope this helps
I generally like Olay products --- and use the Regenerist cleansing cloths. Last week I bought their 14 day skin intervention treatment -- I'm on day 3. Results? Well the question mark above my left eye is smoother, my skin looks fresher; no effective line treatment yet but my skin has plumped out and I'm beginning to look like I have a serious water retention problem. I'll post after the 14 days are up - if I can stand the interim results.
Love all the Olay Regenerist products. Try the Thermal Daily Peel. It feels great.
I take it olay products are not for men cuz they messed my face up i think, lol i wouldnt recomend it to anyone.
Dude i use many womens products on my boyfriends face, personally i dont think men get the choice of anti aging products women do so hence why we both tend to use the same thing! However if you are looking for anti aging products olay is ok but wont get rid of things like fine lines, in my opinion but things like there dermabrasion kit, peels are good though and reasonable in price, however some of there moisuturizer irrated my skin, too many parabens etc in them for my skin i think!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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