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OPI nailpolish

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i recently went to a beauty store and saw a new line from OPI called the DESIGNER SERIES and i tested some of them and they are GORGEOUS!!! i havent been this excited over my nailpolish since 4th grade when i couldnt stop staring at my beautiful pink nails lol. i got two of the designer series, one is Royal and the other is like Rose and they go on so smooth (they fill in dents or ridges) and so subtley sparkly, and dry so perfect!!!!!!!!! theyre kind of expensive though, $12.50 for a bottle. :/ but i totally think its worth it!!!!
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I wish I could have pretty polished nails. Too much of a tom boy.
One of my favorites from OPI is 'I'm not really a waitress''s such a beautiful rich deep shimmery red. Looks great on darker skin and tanned hands....although it looks lovely even when I'm....whiter LOL.
yeah that was a nice red! i noticed OPI has sooo many reds though, its overwhelming!!!
ooo I love OPI. I discovered it only a few months ago!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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