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oxygen facial.

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i just wanted to bring this topic up to see if anyone has used it or bring it up as an option. you can use a product called the oxylight which emits O3 to help nurish the skin. i bought one and i noticed the smell of the O3 that was released when i used the device but i really didnt like the zapping do i quit using it. you can also buy small at home generators with a facial mask attachment for about 500-1500 bucks US. i was actually considering this option cause i also wanted to use the device when i exercised but its so expensive. right now im considering biomagnet therapy. eating foods that are considered alkaline, magnatizing my water or buying bottled water with a PH of at least 9 and wearing body magnets. supposedly this helps to oxygenize the body and may help with acne.

anyways has anyone tried eVamor water? i read that magnatized water has a sweet taste? i probably will try making my own alkaline water with either magnets or stabllized oxygen drops.
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Isn't 03 toxic?
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