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I am the classic example of the girl with the pale Irish skin. Every summer since I was a little kid the sun has burnt my skin while I was at the beach. Anyone else have this problem?
Since I have consistently burnt my skin every summer, I know I have skin damage. My dermatologist told me to start eating healthier because proper nutrition is really important to cell nourishment, especially on the epidermis. On top of eating healthy I went to my local health food store and bought TGF Beta-1 Growth Factor Cream.
Apparently this cream is supposed to stimulate sluggish circulation so that new skin cells will start receiving adequate nutrients, which improves cell shape so that the skin appears less wrinkled and smoother.
I started using it and the box says that I?ll start seeing results in about 8 weeks. I?m really impatient and that seems like forever to me. Has anyone else used this product and has seen results?
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