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Will the Next Skin Lightening Technology Come from Chinese Flowers? | The Beauty Brains

The Magic Plant from Asian | Beauty Care Solution and Beauty World Info

This time we will talk about the Beauty Brains. Do you know Osmanthus Fragrans, the Asian plants? This plant, known also as OLIVE is already famous and commonly used for mixing tea and flavoring other beverages. Osmanthus Fragrans is also sought after as a fragrance ingredient. In a few last mount, based on Taiwanese scientists, it may be the next hot skin lightening technology invention.

Li-chen Wu, the researchers led from Nation Chi Nan University have proven that. This plant extract can potentially inhibit the action of the enzyme tyrosinase. As we know this enzyme can involved in the synthesis of melanin. Melanin is the pigment that is responsible for darkening our skin. It also can give us sun tans.

The latest research done by vitro research has shown the possible causes a reduction in melanin and tyrisunase activity formation in a dose–dependent manner. But is still being discussion if the mechansium could work from tropically applied products or if it has to be ingested on perhaps injected.

Best of all, its evidence that natural ingredients can really work. And we all know how that upsets the Left Brain!

Source: LWT – Food Science and Technology

Volume 42, Issue 9, Pages 1513-1519
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