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Hello my beautiful peeps馃槉

I鈥檝e done lots of research on Peau Jaune - I鈥檝e seen lots of nice reviews so I decided to give it a try. I鈥檝e decided to create a thread where I can post my full regimen, updates, results and my 2 cents about this line, so here goes:

My current shade
I鈥檝e been using the new G&g (pink lid) for a while (approximately 10 months now) I added clinic clear oil around Mar/April for a hq boost and I got fairly good results. I started at around fenty 400 and currently I鈥檓 around fenty 360, I don鈥檛 wear makeup so I鈥檓 using the models on the fenty website as my reference. I dropped the clinic clear oil and have been hq free for 2 months now with mrG only and ready to hop back to hq.
Forehead Nose Cheek Skin Lip

My goal shade
Currently I鈥檓 more pale than golden, so for one I鈥檓 trying to add some more yellow to my skin - apparently peau jaune gives a nice yellow tone from most of the reviews. I鈥檓 also trying to move up a shade or two: I still look brown in some lighting and tbh I wanna look light everywhere if that makes sense. I鈥檓 not in any hurry though as even my current shade is quite light. An even fenty 310 would be nice, I know I can get there with time and patience. Destin Conrad is my ultimate goal shade (I got there with dodo in 2019 it was crazy lmaooo but that鈥檚 a different story altogether)

Forehead Sleeve Gesture Black hair Eyelash

The products
Peau Jaune line is from Cameroun - most african products are usually sus but this line has great reviews so far. It doesn鈥檛 list HQ in its ingredients but is known to have HQ at a higher percentage which is why I decided to give it a try (My skin doesn鈥檛 lighten significantly with anything below 4%) I bought the Peau Jaune 500ml lotion and the stage 2 serum, both from my local BSS. The lotion cost me 15$ and the serum 8$. I was unable to find both the jar cream and the small face cream. Below are the photos and ingredients of each:

Drink Gas Tints and shades Cylinder Liqueur

Bottle Liquid Fluid Drink Alcoholic beverage

Product Publication Poster Advertising Eyelash

Font Material property Terrestrial plant Paper Poster

These products haven鈥檛 listed HQ in their ingredients but are known to have a high % of HQ (above 4%)

My regimen
My regimen will be mostly LA + HQ based with a little kA here and there. I want to keep my regimen as simple as possible coz honestly I鈥檓 too lazy to layer different products (which is the most advisable method if you鈥檙e using different products)

Exfoliation - I use my kojie san soap 3x a week (I alternate days) and I leave it on for no more than 10mins for my body and 5mins for my face. I typically shower once a day at night. Rest of the days I use my creamy jamaa soap (it鈥檚 a local moisturising soap)

Lightening - For my body, I鈥檝e mixed in half of stage 2 Peau Jaune serum to 500ml of Peau jaune lotion. I鈥榣l use this lotion mix once a day at night immediately after showering. Then in the morning I鈥檒l moisturise with my DIY 12% LA lotion on top (yes, I lotion up without showering 馃槢) I feel showering again in the morning washes away the product and i鈥檓 too lazy to layer both at night. I鈥檒l do this for 2 consecutive nights then on the 3rd night I鈥榣l use my g&g cream pink lid in place of peau jaune (I don鈥檛 want to completely eliminate mrG from my regi).
Since I wasn鈥檛 able to find the face cream from the Peau Jaune line, I鈥檓 planning to spot test the lotion by itself on my face and see how it goes but for now my main facial lightener remains Precious cream from Mitchellbrands

Skin building - after 3 days of skin lightening I鈥檒l skin build on the 4th day with a body mix made with shea butter and glycerine. I use retinA and DIY vitamin C serum on moisture days for my face

Supplements - I鈥檓 currently taking 1000mg per day of vitamin C and Omega 3 fish oil both from Quest
Tin Paint Fluid Drink Cylinder

Sunblock - I use bananaboat SPF 50 but I still cover up with long sleeves and I hop from shade to shade whenever I have to be out in the sun for long.

That about sums it up, I鈥檓 super excited for this regimen! Planning to go with this for 3 or 4 months inshAllah then I鈥檒l take another HQ break. Will post updates of how it鈥檚 going now and then.
Fingers crossed 馃馃徑
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This is super helpful 馃グ thank you for sharing
And your results are just wooow
I think I鈥檓 going to give it a try.

please keep us updated
I definitely will. If you jump on the peau jaune train do post your goals, regimen, progress and opinions here so we can learn from each other馃挏
Thank you soo much!!
That鈥檚 actually a great idea. Once I have all the products together, I definitely will make a post on here 馃グ
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