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Hello my beautiful peeps馃槉

I鈥檝e done lots of research on Peau Jaune - I鈥檝e seen lots of nice reviews so I decided to give it a try. I鈥檝e decided to create a thread where I can post my full regimen, updates, results and my 2 cents about this line, so here goes:

My current shade
I鈥檝e been using the new G&g (pink lid) for a while (approximately 10 months now) I added clinic clear oil around Mar/April for a hq boost and I got fairly good results. I started at around fenty 400 and currently I鈥檓 around fenty 360, I don鈥檛 wear makeup so I鈥檓 using the models on the fenty website as my reference. I dropped the clinic clear oil and have been hq free for 2 months now with mrG only and ready to hop back to hq.
Forehead Nose Cheek Skin Lip

My goal shade
Currently I鈥檓 more pale than golden, so for one I鈥檓 trying to add some more yellow to my skin - apparently peau jaune gives a nice yellow tone from most of the reviews. I鈥檓 also trying to move up a shade or two: I still look brown in some lighting and tbh I wanna look light everywhere if that makes sense. I鈥檓 not in any hurry though as even my current shade is quite light. An even fenty 310 would be nice, I know I can get there with time and patience. Destin Conrad is my ultimate goal shade (I got there with dodo in 2019 it was crazy lmaooo but that鈥檚 a different story altogether)

Forehead Sleeve Gesture Black hair Eyelash

The products
Peau Jaune line is from Cameroun - most african products are usually sus but this line has great reviews so far. It doesn鈥檛 list HQ in its ingredients but is known to have HQ at a higher percentage which is why I decided to give it a try (My skin doesn鈥檛 lighten significantly with anything below 4%) I bought the Peau Jaune 500ml lotion and the stage 2 serum, both from my local BSS. The lotion cost me 15$ and the serum 8$. I was unable to find both the jar cream and the small face cream. Below are the photos and ingredients of each:

Drink Gas Tints and shades Cylinder Liqueur

Bottle Liquid Fluid Drink Alcoholic beverage

Product Publication Poster Advertising Eyelash

Font Material property Terrestrial plant Paper Poster

These products haven鈥檛 listed HQ in their ingredients but are known to have a high % of HQ (above 4%)

My regimen
My regimen will be mostly LA + HQ based with a little kA here and there. I want to keep my regimen as simple as possible coz honestly I鈥檓 too lazy to layer different products (which is the most advisable method if you鈥檙e using different products)

Exfoliation - I use my kojie san soap 3x a week (I alternate days) and I leave it on for no more than 10mins for my body and 5mins for my face. I typically shower once a day at night. Rest of the days I use my creamy jamaa soap (it鈥檚 a local moisturising soap)

Lightening - For my body, I鈥檝e mixed in half of stage 2 Peau Jaune serum to 500ml of Peau jaune lotion. I鈥榣l use this lotion mix once a day at night immediately after showering. Then in the morning I鈥檒l moisturise with my DIY 12% LA lotion on top (yes, I lotion up without showering 馃槢) I feel showering again in the morning washes away the product and i鈥檓 too lazy to layer both at night. I鈥檒l do this for 2 consecutive nights then on the 3rd night I鈥榣l use my g&g cream pink lid in place of peau jaune (I don鈥檛 want to completely eliminate mrG from my regi).
Since I wasn鈥檛 able to find the face cream from the Peau Jaune line, I鈥檓 planning to spot test the lotion by itself on my face and see how it goes but for now my main facial lightener remains Precious cream from Mitchellbrands

Skin building - after 3 days of skin lightening I鈥檒l skin build on the 4th day with a body mix made with shea butter and glycerine. I use retinA and DIY vitamin C serum on moisture days for my face

Supplements - I鈥檓 currently taking 1000mg per day of vitamin C and Omega 3 fish oil both from Quest
Tin Paint Fluid Drink Cylinder

Sunblock - I use bananaboat SPF 50 but I still cover up with long sleeves and I hop from shade to shade whenever I have to be out in the sun for long.

That about sums it up, I鈥檓 super excited for this regimen! Planning to go with this for 3 or 4 months inshAllah then I鈥檒l take another HQ break. Will post updates of how it鈥檚 going now and then.
Fingers crossed 馃馃徑

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My first impressions from applying the peau jaune mix, for those who care about these details:

The lotion is quite creamy in consistency even after I added the serum - like its not runny at all. It spreads nicely on the skin - might feel greasy at first but it soaks into the skin and doesn鈥檛 leave a greasy feeling. It smells nice, almost like cocoa butter mixed with something fruity so no strong pungent bleacher smell 馃拃馃拃馃拃yes I鈥檓 looking at you SkinLight LoL.
The lotion itself is a yellow colour. My major problem with this lotion is I鈥檝e already noticed a yellow tinge on my palms from the first application (I used my bare hands to apply), which a huge NO NO for me. Going forward I鈥檓 using latex gloves to apply it coz I love my palms pale and pink and I can already predict my nails will get stained if I dont.
Other than this, the smell, consistency and the feel/spread are good

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Good luck. I'm new to skin lightening but I bought the Peau Jaune Lotion as part of my, somewhat random, startup kit. It smells really good. I mixed it with some caro white oil for my buttocks, elbows, and hands because other planned products hadn't arrived.
I'm definitely watching how it lightens my butt as well, coz that's currently my darkest body part. G&g just made my butt flake at the most but no significant lightening
Welcome to the skin lightening fam 馃挏

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How is the peau set going? are you occluding for faster results?
So far so good, I haven't noticed any changes in my overall tone as of yet. I'm not in any particular hurry for fast results coz I'm quite light already so I'm not occluding. I just apply it at night with my latex gloves, go to sleep then early in the morning I layer 12%lactic acid lotion.

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Been a while since I posted, I've been so busy but here's my 4 week update:

In the second week I started feeling like my skin is darkening, but now I'm convinced that it's because this lotion was toning down the paleness I got from my previous kA based regimen. I kept running to the mirror every now and then lol - had to remind myself that it's too early to jump to conclusions. Now, 4 weeks down the line, I got off the shower and I noticed A LOT of peeling on my whole body, even my butt. The dead skin on my stomach has almost completely shed off and it looks brighter and yellow 馃搱 I'll post my shades in natural light once the dead skin fully sloughs off.

Also the patch test on my face went well so I incorporated the lotion into my face/neck regimen - for now I'm doing 3 times a week on lightening days. My facial skin is oily, but this doesn't leave a greasy feel on my face at all

A little thing I think I should watch out on is the thinner areas - I've just noticed the skin on my underarms is very very light and looked a bit red from the shower. I think i underestimated how much 'fruity acids' are in the lotion given I'm using it with LA so I'll hold off the LA for now til all the dead skin is shed.

On a lighter note 馃拃馃拃I noticed something very funny today in the bathroom while shaving: The skin on my 'stones' and the skin under the 'pillar' has become super super light lmaoo. Honestly I don't apply creams there at all, my guess is that the lotion from my inner thigh rubbed on these parts inadvertently. I was very shocked y'all, I guess I underestimated the lA HQ combo and that area is pretty much in an occluded state 馃拃

In general, so far so good - I'm loving the steady progress 鈽

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Most of the dead skin has sloughed off now and lemme tell you the skin underneath is so bright, I can鈥檛 stop taking mirror selfies 馃檲
Also today I sat next to an arab lady probably a fenty 280/300 thereabouts and I was comparing our skins in a mirror opposite where we sat and I was shocked. Let鈥檚 just say, I could鈥檝e easily passed for her son, a tanned version at the least. I think the yellow really complements my skin very well
Anyway as promised here are the progress pictures: this is how my skin looks currently in natural light. Pictures taken by an iPhone during the day

Kindly don鈥檛 quote this post as I鈥檓 planning to remove these pictures later

Human body Finger Elbow Knee Human leg

Finger Knee Thigh Elbow Calf

Chest/abd - not fully peeled
Hair Human body Sleeve Waist Elbow

Again I still look brown in some lighting, but I鈥檓 pretty much considered light skin at this point.
Now I can鈥檛 post derri猫re pictures here for obvious reasons but my butt has also improved considerably; slightly darker than my body but I think it blends. & tbh, I鈥檓 just happy I鈥檓 seeing progress

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@chocowhite That looks really good! What was your initial color before you started your lightening journey? I have a bottle of Peau Jaune but only used it like 3 times in 2 days on my hands, knees and buttocks. I was using so much other stuff at the time that I couldn't say the results were because of Peau Jaune but maybe they were since its got you lightening like this!
Thanks! I started lightening in 2015, prior to that I was roughly fenty 400 with a deep tan
Sensitive content, not recommended for those under 18
Show Content
Outerwear Shoulder Neck Eyelash Sleeve

This is the closest shade. I鈥檝e used so many products since then but I鈥檝e never redarkened to that shade
So far Peau jaune鈥檚 working out great for me, you should definitely try it as a main lightener and see how it works out for you.

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Hey lovelies, sorry for not posting for these past few weeks, chile life goes so fast when you're busy. Anyway here's my official 3 months update:

Last week I went out with my friends and when I tell you my skin was looking so bomb 馃槏 I got so many compliments about my skin, & as usual I couldn't stop taking mirror selfies y'all lol.

Currently I think I'm at a fenty 330 in natural light, at night with fluorescent lighting my skin looks pale/very light. My brown shades rarely show through & when it does it's a light brown - I think I'm content with this for now. I can already tell if I push it any further my skin will thin out & I'll start to look unnatural. A quick review of the pros & cons I've had so far:

I've definitely gotten lighter which was one of my major goals while starting this regimen. My butt & privates have lightened (the latter was inadvertent though 馃拃)
The lightening was slow and steady in the first month, I felt like the lightening started becoming noticeable after week 4/5 thereabouts
This cream is a great lightener especially if you're looking for more yellow in your skin, it's definitely a good one for that yellowy summer glow. A great hq alternative if you're looking to escape the orangey tint from Carowhite
So far most of the reviews I've seen don't recommend using the lotion on the face, however I've used it because I couldn't find the face cream. Fortunately I've had no issues at all, important side note though:- On alternate days I use rA and vitamin c for skin building, maybe that's what helped keep my skin at bay. I'd recommend to do a patch test to see how it goes before attempting to use it on your face
It has a great smell and it's quite easy to spread - this I think is important for both busy and lazy people & I'm both 馃槢

Yellowing of palms is real with this lotion. I used gloves while applying it but somehow I've still ended up with stained palms/nails. It's not really bad after I started using gloves but I can still tell the difference because on a normal day they're very pale/pink.
For whatever reason this lotion doesn't have an inner cap - it got a bit difficult to control how much lotion comes out of the bottle while applying. For this you can transfer it to a pump bottle/a different bottle of preference
In month 2, I noticed my folded areas were starting to look red out of the shower ie armpits, groin etc. I concluded that it was the fruity acids from the lotion, so I reduced my LA lotion from 12% to 10% and my skin could tolerate this concentration. If you decide to copy my regimen, closely monitor your skin & adjust your LA/GA to your skin's tolerance. & Definitely don't skip skin building days 馃挏
This lotion has a high HQ concentration & I wouldn't recommend using it if your skin is not properly exfoliated, otherwise the lightening will be uneven. I haven't used it on my knuckles, I was too scared to try it there. G&g works perfectly for me & hey don't fix it if it ain't broke.

The big deal for me now is maintenance. I'm currently tapering down Peau Jaune to switch to a KA/LA regimen for my HQ break, which I want to last around 4/6 weeks depending on how it goes. I was using Peau Jaune 4 times a week, this week I've applied it thrice, next week I'll apply it twice and hopefully by the other week I'll be hQ free.

I'll keep on sending updates here during my hq break. Hopefully it all goes as planned馃槉馃

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@chocowhite i dont get Why g&g aint in the uk no more or most Mitchellbrands products. They are natural but they don鈥檛 sell them here
Yeah I've noticed so far it's only the African members who have access to g&g cream, maybe they have a new formulation that's under review. And so far it's only the cream that's resurfaced - the lotion, oil, soap are still not available here.

As for Mitchellbrands I too am confused 馃

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I have used peau jaune serums before. The no 2 and 3 ( peau jaune dose)
Gives a High yellow complexion and almost a yellow tint to the skin
The soap omg ! Smells amazing . It鈥檚 smells so good a little child might eat it by accident thinking it鈥檚 cake lol
I'm a sucker for yummy smelling goodies, maybe I should hunt for the soap when I hop back onto hQ after my break. If I find it, I may or may not have a bite in the shower is all I'm saying

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@chocowhite is this your shade? If yes, what were you before starting your journey
Yes this is more or less my shade- though this looks paler, and I鈥檓 a bit yellower. Probably it鈥檚 the difference in undertones.
My before peau jaune is in the first post, & way before I started using lighteners is in this post 馃憞馃徑


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Hey ChocoWhite, it sounds like you got great results! What are maintenance products for now?
My last peau jaune application was on Wednesday (3 days ago) I tapered down usage over the last few weeks from 4x upto once a week and now I鈥檓 hq free, so here鈥檚 my detailed maintenance regimen;

My current main maintenance lightener is g&g cream. I鈥檒l be using this 4/7 days a week, morning and evening on the days i apply. In the evening, I鈥檒l be layering g&g on 10% LA lotion. For now I鈥檓 watching what LA % my skin can take coz g&g is loaded with AHA.

I also bought asantee soap today, I鈥檒l be incorporating this soap into my regi in place of kojie san - leaving it on for 10 mins for my body and 5 mins for my face, on alternate days.

Skin building, sunblock and supplements still remain the same for now

Fingers crossed xo

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I bought the peau jaune cream (apparently it鈥檚 more effective than the lotion?) + the stage 2 serum! Excited to see how it goes!
I鈥檝e been using the ameliorate transforming body spray to exfoliate (added extra LA to boost it).
LA and HQ is a match made in heaven 鉁╡ase up though coz peau jaune has some fruity acids of its own. Best of luck and do update us on how it goes 馃憤
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