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Peau Jaune 2023

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following Chocowhite on the peau jaune train. Using it for 2 weeks so far and I love it so much!

So other than now practicing patience. My skin have been slowly getting there

i realise that whilst my skin “appears” yellow undertone, it’s actually more of a peach undertone…maybe neutral even. I blush easily, my nose easily gets red and my skin becomes red if I scratch it (I’ve always had this problem). When I use Fenty 330- in natural light it seems to match well but at night with flash, my neck/chest which is 310 looks more peachy than my face with Fenty 330 (golden undertone) so it’s an odd match.

So was going to swatch the Fenty 320 which had peach undertone (but I’ve now heard it’s very orange and I’m still yellow toned). So I will try the 335 as that is more neutral. My goal is 310, but I’m taking a break from my neck/chest/face as these are lighter atm.

for my body - it’s been lightening up and is and since it’s winter it has time to catch up before I ditch the thick black tights.

I’ve been mixing peau jaune. No bad side effects so far except for some skin thinning (I’m becoming more easily red) so on weekend I take a break and use a mix of palmers body lotion, therapy oil and avocado oil and it helps a lot alongside my supplements. I also use a mild exfoliation LA spray daily (except weekends)

i shouldn’t have slept on peau jaune! It smells nice too…..not too sickly sweet and not a strong chemical smell. I’m actually thinking to also mix in the lotion too, or is that just an overkill?🤭🤭

***Edit: actually I just bought the peau jaune strong lightening oil - I am due to making another batch of my lotion and I will mix this in as well.

Body lotion
1/2 peau Juane body cream
1/2 peau jaune stage 2 serum
1/2 tube of 1% madacassol (for skin repair & soothing)
2 tablespoons of bio oil
*Now - 1/2 strong lightening oil

Face: previously golden face cream mixed with bio oil, avocado oil and cerave night cream
Now using F&W So White tube cream (EU version)

my goal (during summer)
Forehead Nose Face Joint Skin
Forehead Nose Face Joint Skin
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hey girll can i ask what you use on your face and what you use on your maintenance stage. loving your results queen
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