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Oh thank you! I feel like I suffer abit from lightorexia because sometimes I feel SO dark.
Tbh I think so white is better for maintenance, It has maintained my complexion whilst using it but my skin is more uniform and toned. I would say it’s more pale toned. Whenever I want to lighten a bit more I use my golden face mix since it works faster
Girl I think we all do. I still feel so dark all I see is brown when I look in the mirror that I feel that the iPhone is lying to me when I take pics

I’m in the UK & I tried their glutathione range, it was gentle on my sensitive skin but over time it darkened me. Nevertheless I liked how even my skin was and I love that one can trust the ingredients and use it long term

do you think that it could lighten over time? Or one could mix with the serum and gel and lighten?
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