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I kept reading about this product in all the fashion mags but knew every time that the main thing that kept me from running to Nordstrom to buy it-is the hefty $57.50 price tag.

If you keep in mind that it's a primer, an invisible lightweight tint, a skin enhancer, contains vitamins A and E and other good stuff that?s supposed to help repair and protect your skin then I guess it's like having a few different products in one. So, I guess in that sense the price is justified.

After a very long debate I decided that for my 37th b-day I wanted to spoil myself so I finally purchased a bottle in Radiant one of 5 shades. I was really amazed at how true to its word the product is. Although, it is called the ?skin perfection gel? it?s has much more of a mousse like texture that comes in an airtight pump. It?s a very light formula that doesn?t feel heavy or pore clogging on the skin.

On days when all I want is a healthy glow I smooth this on top of my skin care, add Nars cr?me blush in Cactus Flower (a total favorite), Becca's Beach Tint as a stain for my lips, and Laura Mercier Secret Brightener #2 on my eyes to get a fresh glowy look. It can be used as a primer under mineral powder, which is how I use it when I want a bit more coverage and longer lasting MU.

I would definitely buy this product again if it weren?t for the very mild reaction my skin gets from the Retinyl Palmitate it contains. I didn?t think my skin would react since it is the 4th ingredient on the list-but it did. Fortunately, it is a mild enough reaction that I can use it if I keep it to a minimum. I highly recommend this product and I hope that if you decide to invest in it you will get the same WOW effect that I do when I use it

Per-fekt skin perfection gel can be found at Nordstrom and Sephora. Make sure you call before you visit either store not every location carries it. It might be best if you look on-line first. You can also go onto Perf?kt Beauty and get more info and even ask for your free samples.
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