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Perplexed, Detox and Acne...?

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Ok so im sure there are many, "help im breaking out for no reason" threads on here...

but im rather confused, so anyone familiar with the Master Cleanse, or random adult breakouts, please give me advice.
Im 23, always had super clear skin, the occational pimpel.
My skin does get oily but not to the point where it gets out of control.
I eat healthy, sleep well... you know the drill

I started doing the Master Cleanse recently to refresh my system,
im not sure if im somhow allergic to lemons, the cayenne pepper...
no clue
but in a matter of 4 days my skin when from porcelain doll smooth to that 16 year old girl on the Proactive commercial.

Im throughouly confused, since a cleanse is supposed to help clear your skin anyway...

random adult acne, or allergic reaction
tips to berid of this?
i cant really afford a dermatologist,
all i know is that facial scrubs and some cleansers irritate my skin so i have a tricky time finding the proper cleaning agent.

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You're basically stirring all the impurities inside your body and they're coming out. Lemons shouldn't be an allergen. Perhaps the peppers but you'd have to do further investigations to find out.
is this a special cleansing diet? I've heard those don't really work.

but I agree that what you eat is reflected on your skin.
Maybe you should stick to it for sometime and see if the results gets better?
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Maybe you should stick to it for sometime and see if the results gets better?
no such thing as detoxification. u are allergic to the ingredients ie may be the preservative. stop using it and seek help from ur doctor
I've suffered from acne for over 20 years and I'm a licensed Aesthetician. I hear this same story all the time. Sorry for your frustration, I understand. be cautious not to strip your skin with abrasive cleansers. Discontinue any abrasive scrubs immediately. They can cause micro abrasions, which can spread infections.

Using an oil cleanser nourishes the skin. It's important to know, oil dissolves oil. I know it goes against what we've been told, but it's true. I have many teen clients that trusted me enough to try it and they love it. Also. be sure to drink plenty of water to help flush toxins.
I agree, drinking water is very important. The abrasive scrubs though, I don't know about that. I depends on the level of abrasivity. If it's those microbeads you could get away with it, since you're taking off the top dead layer of the skin ever so slightly. If you're using mashed up rocks though, then yeah, that blood that come from the pimples you beat up with spread the infection. Common sense is mandatory.
Changing your routines causes stress on your body, and the hormones associated with stress can trigger breakouts. After you quit the cleanse and go back to your normal routines, things should get better. You should use a gentle cleanser, a nonalcohol based toner, and a light moisturizer with sunscreen though. They'll help slow the aging of your skin, which you'll really notice in the future.
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