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Philosophy Skin Care Products

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How well do Philosophy skin care products work? Thanks!
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I have never used them but there is something about the way they market the products that really pisses me off. Stuff like "Hope in a Jar" I think is really praying on people's insecurities.
In used these products before and really didn't like the skin care. It made my face very oily. The body wash is really excellenct though.
I was thinking about purchasing these products when I saw them on TV. Glad I didnt.
What about the body scrub? How did you like that?
oh you can look up almost any product by almost any brand and get tons and tons of reviews on it if you go to MakeupAlley I Street Smart Beauty!

i love it! i think you do have to have an account, but you dont get like spam or weekly emails. its totally cool you should all sign up for it!

vtoodler, im not sure which body scrub you were talking about but here is one of philosophys best body wash products according to makeupalley....
I have bought all the Philosophy products and if you want what I have left meaning I did not throw out yet, Consider them yours, No darn good.
I really like the Philosophy brand. I've tried their Purity Made Simple and their foundation and I love both. They're just a bit on the expensive side. I love the Amazing Grace lotion too!!
I recently blogged about 2 Philosophy products, Purity Made Simple and The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash. I really like both products. Feel free to check out my opinion about these products at:
www dot tshirtkindagirl dot blogspot dot com
I've tried almost all the body washes, for me I found if I used them every day my skin became very dry. They seemed to work as exfoliates. I backed off them as a daily regimen but use them once a week for the exfoliating feature. I have very sensitive skin and my daughter recommended Neutrogena Rainbath shower and bath gel. I use Philosphy Microdelivery exfoliating wash 2X week for my face and the Hope in a Jar 2X a week but definitely not daily for any of their products.
I don't know about Philosophy skin care products; last sunday when i was browsing for skin care products i found some good beauty care sites (, hmm and I have seen one more beauty care site leluna, here we can find top brands products from skin doctors and proto-col. I often suggest products from protol-col and skin doctors because those are the best products for skin care and beauty care. - This is just my experience with skin doctors and proto-col products.
I will be trying Purity for my Clarisonic cleanser next. Will post back what I think of it after I've used it a few times.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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