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I used a body hair lightener on my stomach about 6 years ago just before I went on holiday. I applied it in a strip from my belly button upwards. Whilst on holiday that part of my stomach did not tan and I was left with a white strip, I have tried to stay out of the sun since and thought that it would eventually fade.

However last year I went on holiday and although it wasn't AS noticeable, I was still left with a lighter strip where the bleach was applied, I have tried to apply the same bleach to the rest of the area to even it all out but it hasn't worked. It is so embarassing, I don't even want to go on holiday beacause of it. I thought that the sun would help but it just seems to accentuate the problem.
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hey, I think itll probably go away after a few months or even a year. I had an area above my lip that become lighter after waxing. It was just a small circular area the size of a pea. It was really noticeable and the skin stayed like that for like 6 months but eventually it went away.
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