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over the past year or two, i have had numerous boils (like pimples) on legs, and rashes/dermatitis/eczema all over my body. it seems like those problems have been taken care of.

however, even though they are healed, all of them leave brown pigmented scars (im asian with somewhat pale skin). initially i thought they would just go away with time, even the doctors ive been to agreed. sadly even after such a long time, they are still here. also, this goes the same for normal cuts (ie paper cuts). the wounds heal but the scar seems to stay.

i know scarring is normal but i definitely notice my body is been dealing with these scars differently than before. am i lacking some sort of vitamin/minerals or whatever? there must be something wrong with my internal system. should i ask for blood/immune system test? i thought of getting sun tan to even out the tone but doctors say it'll make the pigment worse?

please help me out, i hate seeing my body everyday i shower. i cant even wear shorts, go swimming like i used to.
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