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pimple-like bumps appearing on body

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pretty awful picture... but the best i could do.

the zits (or whatever they are) are bigger than a normal pimple, and they show no sign of fading/going away after a couple weeks. Ive got one on my stomach underneath my ribs, one near my navel, another near my armpit, and another on my side/ribs. Any idea what these things are?

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Could be lot of things.. chicken pox, allergic reaction? You should definitely see a doctor asap.
your pores are possibly blocked by using too many creams etc. if you touch your skin too much you will make the spots worse
Yeah, see a dermatologist. And if these bumps have a central dimple, then they are most likely molluscum
Honestly, every single person needs to see a Derm anyway for a Skin Check. I rec Yearly. Go now, even if is nothing, you can get a check up on your skin for Skin cancer. Getta going!!!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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