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It is not uncommon to have pimples on your nose - it is part of the "T" zone which goes across the forehead and down the nose. This area can have a tendency to be oilier than other parts of the skin (combination skin) on some people.

It is very important to wash your face (morning/night) with a light/nonabrasive cleanser followed by a toner or astringent - there are some good products that actually help balance your skins natural PH. Moisturizer - use an oil free although you may want to consider not using a moisturizer on your nose until the pimples are gone or under control. Make sure the moisturizer you do use is light so it doesn't clog your pores.

There are also a number of natural acne products on the market. I would recommend a deep cleansing facial mask which can be use on your whole face for 15 min, but can be left on your nose longer. Some masks can also be used as spot treatments and left on the pimples over night, which has worked well for me personally.

Hope this helps, Mike.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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