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Please Help- Eye Stye

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hey guys i just got this painful red bump on my eye, my mom told me its a stye, does anyone know what to do about this or do i have to get medicine?

please help
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Here are some things I pulled up from

Treating a Stye:

* Warm compresses:
Gently press a very warm washcloth against the eyelid for 10 minutes at least 4 times per day.

* Massage:
Gently massage the entire area to speed healing.

* Antiobiotic ointment, eye drops or pills:
Antibiotic ointments or eye drops may help cure the infection. If the skin around it is becoming infected, antibiotic pills may be needed.

I hope this helps. It sounds painful!
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When I had this I didn't do the stuff martha recommended, as a last resort a doctor will give you a general anti-biotic. But you don;t want to treat the whole body if you don't have to.
I had one last week! It hurt like hell and my eye swelled up and totally itched and burned for like a week, I would say warm compression but DO NOT TOUCH IT! It makes it worse.
Very important note to add for styes. NO makeup at all or contact lenses (toss and replace your disposable ones). You can re-infect your eyes. I have had a few in the past and thrown away my mascara and liners. Shadows are usually ok if you wipe them down with a tissue. Clean any eye brushes for sterilization.
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