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Please Help Me! :)

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Hi Everyone

I?ve been suffering with a horrible hyper-pigmentation condition on my hands, arms, and legs. This problem have existed for years after a summer of being bitten my mosquitoes various amount times, pretty greatly, from aggressively scratching misquotes bites on my body, it has left me with dark marks over a large portion of my body. The dark marks have been present for well over 13 years and it?s time to find a solution. Can you help me?
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I read many threads on this forum and I only see people saying this product is suppose to be good but I’m really seeing people naming a lightening product that works without a doubt. Can someone tell me a lightening product that works? I need some then for lighting certain dark spots.

Oh... and I was going to try Fair & flawless products but I hear people saying they're a scam and too many people have said that.
If your trying to get rid of dark spots, I would suggest skin whitening products with kojic acid.

try diana stalder products, they are very good.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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