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Hi all,

I am in my early 20’s and new to all this skincare stuff! I have just made a purchase online for a few bits and have put together the following routine … I would really welcome advice! I have normal/sensitive skin which isn’t acne/spot prone but have noticed faint lines appearing on my forehead so really want to focus on anti-aging . Should there be any masks I do weekly?

Morning - cleanser (either Liz Earle or cetaphil), vitamin c serum from the ordinary, Ordinary hyaluronic acid serum , kiehls hydrating moisturiser and then SPF.

Evening - cleansing x 2 with Liz Earle and cetaphil , toning (pixi but every other day and change between Paula’s choice salicylic acid), The Ordinary Granactive retinoid 2% in
squalane (every other day) , kiehls hydrating moisturiser/origins overnight recovery mask, rose hip oil once a week
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