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I've been having trouble with the size of my pores on my nose for some time. I always hear that using salicylic acid pads will clear out the oil and dirt and shrink the pores but from my experience it cleans out the pores but then afterwards the pores seem to get bigger and also because the pores are so large it makes my nose look like it has little pits. Should I moisturize afterwards? What I usually do is put some baby powder on my nose to get rid of any shine and mask the pore size. I saw the only dermatologist in my city almost a year ago.I asked him if there was anything I could do but he just dismissed it because I don't have any zits, my condition wasn't serious enough.

I also have this red dot on my nose, which has been there for well over a year. I asked my family physician about it and he said it was a hematoma and the only thing that would get rid of it is a laser procedure. I think I may have caused it when I was trying to squeeze out a black head, I must have squeezed too hard.
Any tips on these problems would be great, keep in mind that I can't afford a lot so home remedies would be great.

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