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hey SCT family <3

i cant find any updated info on the precious line from mitchell brands. i have some friends on here that i messaged who have told me it works (shoutout to @BiegeCaramel and @brownies19) i want to hear what everyone else thinks too! i most def plan on using it. i am going to use a base lotion (palmers skin fade milk or koji lotion) and mix in the precious serum, gel and cream. i dont know how much of each to put into the lotion. the lotion bottle is 250ml. the serum is 30ml, the gel is 30gm and the cream is 50gm. i am also going to be using retin-a along with it. idk if i should mix the retin-a into the mixture or only mix it in my hand with the mixed batch?

how many shades can someone lighten with the precious line and how long does it take? does my new routine sound okay?

thanks everyone :)
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