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Prescriptives Vs Dermalogica

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Hi! I'm really interested in investing in my skincare, I'm 21 and not sure what to do. Ive heard that prescriptive's is meant to be amazing, I have used some dermalogica in the past, but not avidly, I know they are also meant to be of a good standard. My dilemma is I want to protect against aging as much as possible, I already use a high spf in my moisturiser and eye cream, is this sufficient even if it is just a cheap brand, or are there much more important factors to be considering to keeping my skin youthful! If anybody has any advice as to what skincare route I should go down please
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hi fleurfairy. i am using prescriptives myself and it is amazing. i have tried loads of other brands and always go back to prescriptives. lately i have had quite a lot of breakouts but it has cleared my skin up in a couple of weeks. the anti blemish serum is great for this. their new all you need moisturiser is fantastic and i can see a difference in my skin.
as well as this i would recommend drinking tons of water and just keep moisturising. don't use anything harsh on your skin as this ages it as well and avoid the sun!! the good thing about prescriptives is that their moisturisers come in different formulations for normal and oily skin so you can choose which suits you best.
hope this helps (ps i have tried tons of brands so ask me if you want to know about any others!!)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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