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prevent sagging?!

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Suggestions on how to prevent sagging in the face and eye area? Or recommend any products? I dont so much have a problem with wrinkles but over the last 4 years i have noticed a drastic difference in my face and eyes!
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Strengthening the facial muscles ... I have a great acupressure chart for this. There are certain points that can achieve a natural facelift (yourself, at home), given you do your homework every day for three months! Massaging and tapping the face with a bounteous and rich face cream formula (only a smear is necessary) will work wonders too. Perhaps your local library has acupuncture books, otherwise I'll have to get the Supreme Moderator's permission to send you a chart I use in my classes ... hmmm?

The general idea is to find a natural product that suits your skin ... there are some wondrous oils and waters in combo for this without having to spend a fortune. I'm sure I'm not the only one around here making their own creams. And the insides need addressing as much as the outsides, you hear?

Keep your cheekbones lifted at all times (singing is good for this), dancing with abandon in the loungeroom when no-one else is around and damn it if they are anyway (and anything else you can think of to de-stress), and make sure that you surround yourself with people that love you (if only it was that easy!). Smiling is anti-aging, looking up is good, getting rid of all the detritis in your life is hard but good.

What is making you sag? Are you sagging on the inside? Damn gravity ... think "Lift". Which reminds me, there's a good book called The Deeper Meaning of Liff by Douglas Adams and someone else - hilarious. Keep your humor ... imagine you as you'd like to be. (Gawd, you're thinking, who IS this woman full of platitudes .... lol!), and some of us are wondrous enough to share our products/secrets with you (can you talk to the Supreme Moderator and tell her we are ready?).

Having a regular massage keeps the electro-magnetic and lymph systems healthy, promotes circulation (blood flow is prime!), and strengthens the muscles. Have you a friend with nice hands? A clinic close by? Have you considered finding a practitioner that can help you strengthen your immune system? The prime focus here is choosing inspirations, services and products that catalyse what your own body knows on its way to keeping you healthy and uplifted. Burn some bergamot oil in your home, sleep on a silk pillowcase, talk to the soul of your soul, take rescue remedy (and keep it in your handbag if anyone else gets stressy or traumatised), and I'm not allowed to send you other pertinent sites until I've sent fifteen of these and I'm nearly new here and I'm nearly there.

Wishing you all the best,

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