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I used smashbox make-up primer & like that it's clear & allows make-up to glide on easily. Haven't really noticed if the primer makes make-up stay on any longer though. Is there really a need to use eye & lip primers as well or can the same product be used everywhere?
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I think you can use a primer anywhere except for the ones that have SPF - they could really irritate if they got in the eyes.
Smashbox is a good primer from the reviews I've read!

try avon new primer its great if you have oily skin
Ok so heres one for you to try!

Is Monistat Bikini Chafing Gel A Good Makeup Primer? | The Beauty Brains

And yes I do have this in my makeup drawer!
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I've been using the Monistat AntiChafing gel for about 5 months now... ever since I saw it on Youtube. I've never had a breakout from this. It keeps makeup on my face. It's cheap. It doesn't smell, it doesn't have a colour and you can use it for chafing too... if you want.

It's definately in my makeup stash. In fact, I saw some on sale at Shoppers Drugmart for $4ea so I bought all that they had on the shelf. I have 8 of them. They last forever. I'm still using my first tube.
Also Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture lotion works great as a primer.....Monistat can be a touch on the dry side, but if you have oily skin that could be a plus, both have dimethicone 1.2%
Monistat or Clinque's Pore Minimizer Instant Perfector. Both achieve great results for me. Monistat is great in humid weather..keeps skin looking matte. I use Clinique over my makeup or tinted moisturizer for a finished makes my pores disappear!
Clinique Pore Minimizer made me break out something terrible.
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