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proactiv does it help or hurt your skin

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is proactiv healthy for your skin and does it really clear your face
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I thought proactive was overpriced benzoyl peroxid that just burned the hell out of my skin. I would never use it again. Some of have good results though, I have sensitive skin so I didn't do good with it.
Well, to their credit I do remember their sulfur mask being really nice. Never tried their new formula, but I guess that goes to show that the problem with reacting with skin was more than isolated.
Did you end up buying the proactive line?
I have sensitive skin as well and like I said before I think this line is garbage.
I can tell you from a professional model's perspective, one could care less what the product is, what matters is the pay cheque.

I still think that stuff is garbage.
Proactive, and any other product with BP will stain clothing.

How bad was your acne? I've heard of great results for people who had moderate to severe acne. Luckily the worse I've had was a bit of congestion and random pimples. I just got the hell burned out of my face. Good to see that it worked for you though. You definately have tough skin.
Yeah, that dryness is the problem. I don't see that as having any luck with the product. A good product will deal with acne without drying you face.
1 - 7 of 24 Posts
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