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Problems after IPL - please help!

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Hi All

Last wednesday i had IPL to treat the melasma on my face. I have had this done before and i knew that there was no result from this session as my face wasn't even red half and hour after treatment and there was no 'miloing'. So I called the lady up and she said to come back in on Friday where she preceded to give me a stronger hit. It started miloing and that night at home the redness had gone after a couple of hours, i put my beta gel on (a healing gel) and went to bed. The next morning when i cleansed i noticed it was a little raised but didn't think too much of it so i put my makeup on and went out for the day. By Saturday night my face looks like it has blisters on it? It looks like really bed acne. It is now sunday and it's no better, i can't get hold of the lady who did it for another cou ple of days as it is a long weekend over here so i am a little stressed out!!! (i have read on the internet that if it blisters after ipl it will scar!!)I have just been applying the gel she gave me and using ice packs.
My partner says each little 'blister' (if that's what they are) has a tiny scab on the end of it. So i'm not too sure if it's blisters, blocked pores or the start of an infection.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions on what i should do until i can get in contact with the lady who did it?

Thanking you in advance!!
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With an intense pulsed laser the blisters aren't a good sign, but it doesn't mean that they will all scar. You should start using La Rochy-Posay's Cicaplast right away.

I really don't like how this lady just randomly told you to come back and take another hit with the laser. These things aren't toys. Is she a board licensed cosmetic surgeon or some idiot with keys to the laser?

Did you do any research on who was doing the procedure? Did you check the credentials of the person doing the laser? What about the waiver? Did you read it? They usually try to make it seem like they're not responsible for what happens with you, but that's actually a scare tactic they use. Under federal law both in the state and in Canada, negligence isn't dismissable with a signature.

Provide more information about the nature of your dealing and we'll provide more feedback.
Hi Freddy

Yes i did my research before going to see this lady. She was supposedly the best in the state. (i am in western australia) she is a paramedical skin therapist and i saw her last year with no problems like this.

I signed the forms last year but did not have to sign anything this time so i can't remember what was on them.

A pharmastist looked at my skin today and he said that he did not believe it was infected and that the best thing to do was to let it run it's course and to use either savlon or bepanthen on them.

I am just applying the healing danne beta gel and suncream and i have been using ice packs all day wheich has not gotten rid of the lumps but has reduced the 'angryness' of it.

I am not too sure if they are blisters or not, it looks like acne.

I am not to sure if the product you suggested is available in australia.
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Look into it and see if you can find it, if not stick with what you've got. Continue with the icepacks. Post some pictures if you can.
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