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Problems with Neostrata

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Guys, i really need your help on this one.

Every morning and night, I use the Neostrata Facial Cleanser followed by Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Lotion. It's working great for me and I can see improvement in my skin but the problem is that my eyes aren't looking as good.

Every day my eyes feel so irritated and it's looking red and unhealthy. The skin around my eye is also darkening. I tried stuff like putting cucumber but that just irritates even more. I'm not sure if it really is the Ultra Smoothing Lotion and I don't want to stop using it since it's controlled my acne, something which I suffered for years.

Should I keep using it hoping my eyes will slowly get used to it or should I do something else abt it? I really need help on this one!
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Try avoiding applying it around the eyes. The skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive.
try using Neostrata for eyes, I tried the products a few months ago but did nothing for my skin, what are you using it for wrinkles or acne?? for me I was looking for an antiaging cream...hope this helps
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