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This is a body cream that I've made for my boyfriend. And I'm happy that it works. He suffers from plaque psoriasis and he suffers bad believe me! I found that aloe vera, castor oil, omega rich oils and butters help with his problem.
It softens scales and patches, reliefs itch, dryness, tightness. You apply it after shower or whenever a relief is needed to the problem areas.
It also helps the patches to fell of easier cause it softens them a lot. I would also like to add Lactic acid for exfoliation but I find that it is an "ouch!" when you have open wounds so I left it out. If you dont have open wounds substitute part of aloe vera with lactic acid but go slow.

To the point!

40% Aloe vera (healing, anti itch bla bla don't replace with water)
10% Castor oil (anti itch)
10% Cocoa or shea butter (anti itch and moisturizing, reliefs dryness, softens patches)
10% Hemp oil (rich in omegas which is good for a problem skin like psoriasis)
10% Borage oil (the same)
6% Polawax or e-wax (emulsifier, next time I might replace it with lecithin)
2% Cetyl alcohol (thickens, helps glide)
3% Glycerine or Honeyquat or Sodium PCA (moisture. I've added little from everything!)
3% Isopropyl Myristate (helps penetration)
1.5% Tea tree oil (helps itch and infections)
1.5% Lavender oil (helps itch and infections)
1% Calendula extract (calming, anti-itch)
1% Preservative
1% Vit E

Add aloe, glycerine or honeyquat or sodium PCA (or a combo of those three) in a container.
Add oils, butters, polawax, cetyl in another container.

Heat both containers in double boiler / bain marie until you reach 80 degree Celsius. Heat and hold if you want to.
Pour water phase in oil phase and mix with a hand mixer for about three minutes.
Cool down and add the rest and blend again for a couple of minutes.

That's it. Calendula extract makes cream yellow but do not omit that, it helps a lot.

It works, I know cause I see that person who suffers from itch, tightness, dryness feeling much better.

One more thing, he is a man so he hates rich creams which takes time to absorb, that's the reason for the Isopropyl Myristate. It makes cream absorb faster. If you don't like it leave it out.

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Thanks for this! I made some for my mom, she loves it. Helps with itching a lot and sinks right it. Please continue to share your experiences with psoriasis formulations, I'd love to learn more....
Again, thanks so much!
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