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G'morning All!

Please help.

Is this normal for acne scarring to darken before peeling process?

My back has sporadic acne scars, Mosquito bites, scratches, etc.

accumulated over the years.

I've been doing 'spot' treatmentsâ€2122...

Wednesday: 1st it just looked red & irritated.
Thursday:Then, like I had been burned & as if the skin would begin peeling...almost like a thin layer of red plastic.
Friday - This Monday Morning: it looks like dried, blackened, ashy scars.

I stopped applying the RA/HQ on Thursday because of the pain & discomfort.

Is this normal?

My back has never looked so horrendous.

It also appears that I may have gotten a rash as well...I say that because there is now a rash of darkened spots spreading across the width of my shoulder blades.

Please advice.
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