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Hi, I just joined this site... I am having a problem with a rash on my face! It appeared about two days before christmas eve. It was just a small red spot under my eye, on the cheek. It almost looked like the beginning of a pimple--but with no center or soreness the way a pimple has before it appears. It didn't itch, it was just red. It was very odd, but I didn't think much of it. It seemed to grow though...very gradually getting larger. It began to alarm me some, but I covered it with make up pretty successfully. I began to worry it may be a spot of eczema...I have that on my legs, but it didn't seem to look the same or feel the same. But I didn't know what else it could be so I started moisturizing it heavily. It became dime sized and about 4 days ago...I noticed it had a clearing center and very noticable scaley raised edges. It's not a perfect circle, but very much circular with a rough edge. So I figured it might be ringworm. I work as a technician in a veterinary clinic and we see pets with ringworm all the time...I'm very careful to wash my hands but maybe I accidently touched my face one time before I washed them?

This rash is terrible. It's VERY red and very noticable being on my face, right on my cheek. It *does* itch now, but I don't dare touch it. It looks so irritated and gross! I've begun treating it with tea tree oil, which stings a little bit when it goes on. I've been treating it for two days and the "ring" around it appears more defined today, its very red. The center appears clearer. I took a shower and I wiped it with a piece of toilet paper to get the water off it and there was a yellowy tiny bit of crust on it from the rash. I *think* it may be healing, but it's still very early to tell.

I'm just so stressed out because I have to work with clients every day and this rash is hideous! I need it to go away asap! Before several days ago, I was just covering it with make up, but it's to the point now that it stings to put make up on it and just doesn't look right any way. I may coat it in tea tree oil and try to put a small bandaid there tommorrow...anything would be better to look at than this scaling circular rash! Any thoughts?
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