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Rash on fingers--please help!

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Hi everyone,

I noticed last night that I had developed some red spots on my right hand. one on my pinky, one on my ring finger and a spot on my hand between the two. I think it's due to the harsh winter weather (even though I do wear gloves). It's not itchy, and it feels coarse/rough on the red spots, also a little flaky skin around.

Can anyone recommend any hand lotions that would take care of this?

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Several year's ago I developed what seems to be the same type of problem you have on both of my hands. I ignored it and it got out of control -- eventually the flaking resulted in cracking and bleeding. The doc gave me a cream with cortisone -- cleared up. I would try to do something before it got any worse; use a rich hand cream maybe with aloe and if you have an old pair of cotton gloves wear them to bed after slathering your hands with cream. (You can buy "night time" gloves at the drugstore). Good luck.
Use athelete's foot spray. It could simply be a baterial infection.
It might be eczema - there are so many varieties. I get it every few years and it seems to break out for no apparent reason. They usually suggest a mild steroid cream to clear it up (like hydrocortisone cream 0.5% or 1.0%). If that does not clear it up, the doctor will prescribe a stronger steroid cream. But don't use the steroid prophylactically - it is bad for the skin (thins it) and some does get absorbed into your system. But short-term use is okay and even available over the counter (i.e., without a prescription), at least in the US and Canada.
Thanks for all of your help. I think I have some cortizone at home that I can try using.
Have you been tested for an allergy to methylisothiazolinone? It frequently erupts on hands.
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