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I'm really hoping somebody on this forum can help me with this. I've have had a rash on both my very upper legs for about a year now, and it is starting to get me down. I havn't been to a doctor because of where it is, and also I've deluded myself that it will go away when it hasn't.

I've tried vaseline, talcom powder and some other things like that, but with little luck. Some days I wake up and it is mostly faded, other days like today it is much worse.

I've posted some pictures of it below so if anybody could be kind enough to diagnose it and suggest something to me then I'd be really grateful.


(Remove space before "us" and "jpg" to view image)

img296.imageshack. us/img296/7940/dsc00010aj3 .jpg

img258.imageshack. us/img258/3738/dsc00008rs8 .jpg <<< Clearest photo

img168.imageshack. us/img168/9983/dsc00009tp4 .jpg
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