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I'm very slowly recovering from a severe bout of flu and am afraid my skin has taken the tole. I am drinking plenty of water and taking vitamins but my skin just feels as if its just hanging there gray looking very lifeless .anyone any suggestions to revive me both from the inside and out?

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Oh dear, poor lamb! '

You might be depleted in electrolytes after a bout of the just drains the life out of you! I would try some Gatorade or another electrolyte replacement drink. Or you could just add a pinch of salt to some orange juice and sip it all day. Green tea is always good too. Clear broth has a lot of good things in it for you. Plenty of veggies and fruits to get the enzymes back working again.

Try a nice honey mask. That should tighten things up a bit and add some moisture too. I like to do lymphatic drainage to rev things up and drain away all the toxins that accumulate. Here's a nice vid to show you how to do it on yourself:
lymphatic drainage - Google Video

Hugs! I hope you bounce back soon! Be gentle with yourself takes a while to get back to equilibrium!

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