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Red Blotchy skin

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about a year ago, i developed red bumps on the front of my legs. Took 4 or 5 months to get them to go away. Also, i was working on golf course and out in the sun alot? Sound like an allergy? However, the red raised bumps that didnt ever itch, spread all over body. On outside of arms, front of both legs. Ever since they went away, they have left blotchy reddish/pinkish on outside of arms. Its hard to tan, they show more when i workout, its almost like they are still there but no raised rash? Just weird. Anything i can put on it. Been to dermatologist when it was worse, and they said dermatitis. Still took forever to go away. I also have a red rash on upper chest. Its just red. Not raised. Does get very hot sometimes. No roscea either even though i do flush in the sun and heat easily as well. Not sure if i got something or what? Whatever i got, is still with me it seems. Could this be allergy still or what else? Please help. or what can i put on this to cure it?
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