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Red dots

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I have a question about this weird thing going on, on my face.

I've always had dry, peeling skin right around my nose, but that's another topic and another day to ask about that. On my forehead, a few months into the winter season I started getting red dots. At first I thought they were acne, but they didn't act like I assume acne would. {I don't know much about acne}. They didn't scar, or act like pimples, and I couldn't pick them off {like you could with either.}
Anyway, they only appeared on my forehead, and would go away every few days, then come back. I think they would go away when I used the face wash in my shower {Olay something, I have another one for nightly use...When I remember to do it.} And, they seem to appear under my skin, and hurt if I try to pick at them, so I stopped that.
I was wondering if somebody could help me figure out what they were, and how to get rid of them?
It might be a question for a dermatologist or doctor, but I don't exactly have the time to get to either one, and since it's not serious other than being an upsetting occurrence, I settled on asking here.
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My skin does get dry during the winter and I do get the same red spots at times. I use moisturizer twice a day and face mask at night. It did help. Perhaps someone with more experience can tell you the right treatment for those red dots.
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