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Hello this is my first post here. I have a feeling I totally annihilated my skin.

((pictures attached))

About 2-3 months ago I went on an OCD overzealous campaign against my face with an Axe luffa sponge and Old spice body wash. I was taking hot showers and scrubbing my face moderately hard with the luffa sponge soaped up with the body wash. I was then subjecting my skin to hot water from the shower. Everything was fine until I noticed about 2 months ago that my skin where the rash is had become very dry (not red yet). I put Vitamin E on it and basically forgot all about it. I continued the hot showers and exfoliating with the luffa sponge until one day I noticed a red rash on my face.

The rash/redness was located across my nose, on my cheeks in a "butterfly" pattern, directly below my eyebrows (A point where I know I was overexfoliating with the luffa sponge), and in the center of my forehead. My hairline was also dry/flaking on my face (also where I was exfoliating). There are a couple of random spots down below my mouth that are circled in red on the first picture there. These spots are red/dry. I also noticed the same redness/dryness in my beard, where I was also exfoliating.

It is important to note that never at any point was this rash itchy.

The rash appears to be agitated by hot water/heat and/or rubbing/touching. Exercise causes the rash areas to sting. Even using listerine mouthwash where it triggers a burning sensation in your mouth agitates it. For a few weeks it was flaking and very dry but I was able to eliminate that for the most part by taking extremely cold showers and applying Eucerine moisturizer to my face quickly after. I have been taking cold showers for the past 2 weeks and I highly recommend you research the benefits of this.

What concerns me is the cluster of 3-4 tiny spots that have recently appeared out of nowhere under my left eye that seem to be dry (I flaked off some skin). What is going on with my face? Is it infected with bacteria? I know I really screwed my skin up with exfoliating like a madman and I really doubt that I have rosacea/eczema/psoriasis.

This rash responds to 1% hydrocortisone (Aveeno) cream. I have applied Neosporin to this rash with little results. At this point in time I am not touching my face with anything whatsoever. I haven't showered in two days and it appears to be going away very slowly.

Has this happened to anyone else? If so what did you do to speed up the healing process?

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