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Red Skin On The Side of My Face

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About a year ago, all of a sudden I noticed like red on the side of my face. Its like on the cheeks. In the middle of it there is a circle (not a perfect circle) but the color is white (but more like my skin color). This is only on the one side of my face. The other side of my face is just a little red, the side I referring to is darker red. It runs up past my side burns and under my eyes. Honestly it basically looks like sunburn with a white circle. I took a picture and circled because its kind of hard to tell in the photo. I also circled the white circle. I went to the doctor and he just said its probably just dry skin use lotions... I tried and no luck to get rid of this. Please give me some advice. Heres the picture so you can see for yourself (the redness is still kind of hard to see because of the lighting in the photo).

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The picture is not very clear, and it does not sound like just dry skin. Have you had a past of eczema or any other skin conditions such as rocacea? It sounds like rosacea. I ahve had some issues with eczema and I recently tried a product called epizyn which cleared it up pretty quickly, it may work for your condition too.
yeah I agree with excezma or rosacea...but I think that you should go to a different doctor and get a second opinion....that's what I would do!
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