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Regretting Electroysis

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I just want to share my story, since a lot of information about electroysis on the internet is posted by salons, spas, etc. who provide these services, and therefore, are slightly biased.

I used to get my upper lip waxed every 3-4 weeks. About 7 months ago, I started doing electrolysis instead. I completely regret doing it. After the very first time, there was significant redness and swelling. I thought it was just temporary, so I continued weekly treatments, and just used a lot of coverup. The redness eventually went away, but now there appears to be permanent discoloration of the area. I was never self conscious of my lip area (when I used to wax), but now I cringe everytime I look in the mirror, and see that "shadow". To make things worse, the pores in the upper lip area are significantly larger.

I had been going to a highly recommended licensed technician (was voted one of new york's "best"), so I dont think it was due to poor technique. I just think they dont tell you about these side effects, since it may scare off a lot of potential clients. The hair has lessened but it's not fully gone. Overall, I definitely regret doing this.
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Thank you for sharing your story. I find that the human body is usually capable of curing most things and I think in time your skin will return to normal.
Thank you so much for sharing your experience with electrolysis. I always wondered if it was completely safe. After hearing your story, I think I'm going to stick to waxing.
Sorry about your bad experience, Panda Pants. Just wanted to clarify that your experience was indeed due to poor technique by your electrologist. I have been a practicing electrologist in Massachusetss for 11 years and have never caused hyperpigmentation or scarring on a single client. Unfortunately, New York does not have the same strict regulations for licensing and training that Massachusetts has. One my clients from Northeatern Univ was in NYC for an internship recently and visited a Manhattan electrologist who not only charged $200/hr, but burned her face as well. She actually called me in tears! Unless NY gets stricter you probably are better off waxing for now.
Oh Panda, that's so sad =(

Some ppl get good results from products containing salicylic acid (BHA) to lighten the dark spots. Neutrogena has a line called "Acne Stress Relief" that could help, even though it isn't acne that you have.

And please let us know what helps you so others can learn too.

Hi Panda,

I am so sorry to hear about your bad experience and thanks for sharing your story. I am quite hairy myself and constantly need to thread my upper lip and eyebrows.
I was thinking abt electrolysis and laser hair removal but now I won't ever think of these options. Better do waxing and threading all my life till I discover a safe and permanent hair removal method!!
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Hi Panda, very good of you to share your experience.
How long since the last treatment? I know some who had laser surgery had a year or more with red skin before it returned to normal: all hope is not lost!

I suppose the best way to treat this type of skin issue is with generally nourishing ingredients; a cream with seaweed extracts (the "creme de la mer" type), plant derived peptides, vitamin B's and anti-oxidants that gently calms and supports skin functions. Rosehip oil has shown very good results on burns and scarring; and your type of skin reaction is probably not far from; and of course the skin lightening ingredients used for hyper-pigmentation.
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