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Relaxing hair

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How often do you relax (perm) your hair? I do mine about every seven weeks, but someone told me that's too soon. What about u?
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Well, I know this is old my I relax every 6 weeks. Not anymore because am trying to sretch because I was told perming to often damages the hair. I co wash my hair 2 times a week(I work out a lot) and wash with shampoo once a week to cleanse. For me to get my hair permed often would be a waste of time and money for me.
This could damage your hair have you tried just getting this done twice a year and using GHDs in the mean time! Please be careful these are chemicals you are putting on your hair and can leave your hair dry, could eventually fall out too! Your hairdresser should not really let you get your hair relaxed so often, please be careful with this! goodluck
wat is GHDs? I dont relaxe anymore as offent like 6 weeks. Its currently 7 weeks of me not having it relaxed. How long do you think I should wait? How can I control my new growth? I dont flatiron a lot because it damages my hair by dryin it out...please let me kno war u think.
It all depends on your hair type. A good hairdresser should know how often is ok by the texture of your hair. If your hair is fine, you definitely should not be relaxing often. If it is course 6 weeks is probably ok as long as you use a gentle relaxer and only do new growth - and get the ends trimmed.

I used to relax mine back in the day but my hormones changed my hair and now a good roller-set and blow-out does the trick.
thanks for the information! i TOO roller wrap like 1-2 a week. Its really fast and convient for me. I am a college student and recently learned how to take care of my hair. I am still looking for what products work for me. I have keracare which is really good for me hair. Do you know any good proteins? I have aphogee 2 min resto..HOw do you use the blow-out trick? thanks a lot dragonlilly!
HaHa - no i don't do it myself. I go to a Dominican hair salon near where I live. Right now i am using Chi hair serum and Organic Root Stimulator deep conditioner. I have been wearing my hair curly lately b/c I haven't had time to get it done.
How often do you relax (perm) your hair? I do mine about every seven weeks, but someone told me that's too soon. What about u?
You want to be careful, other wise you will get split ends. I used to do mine every 3 months, but even then you need to have it cut before you perm it.
GHD are hair straightners i dont know if you can buy them in US but in Uk they are available, these are the best hair straightners i have ever used and I dont get my hair chemically straightened any more!

However though if you do purchase these i would not recomend over using them as they can damage your hair and dont leave them plugged in either! Always take out of the plug socket!
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