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Resveratrol: an original mechanism on tyrosinase inhibition
Bernard & Berthon
1 Greentech S. A., Biopôle Clermont Limagne, 63360 Saint Beauzire Cedex, France
Correspondence to: P. Bernard
Copyright Blackwell Science Ltd
resveratrol • tyrosinase inhibition • whitening agents

This paper forms part of studies searching for new bioactive ingredients for cosmetics, for example, in the whitening agent field. The aim of our work was to present resveratrol as an original substrate for tyrosinase with very promising cosmetic perspectives. This study was based on several spectrophotometric analyses with minor adaptations. These analyses suggested that resveratrol is biotransformed by tyrosinase into an oxydated form, becoming a powerful inhibitor of tyrosinase. Furthermore, we show that resveratrol can be used as an additive compound in whitening cosmetics, particularly with a Morus alba extract. These results may help in understanding tyrosinase active site structure and mechanism.


Cet article fait partie d'un vaste projet de recherche de biomolÃa9cules actives originales Ã* visÃa9e cosmÃa9tique. Les agents dÃa9pigmentants en sont un exemple. Dans ce cadre, nous prÃa9sentons le resvÃa9ratrol comme substrat original de la tyrosinase avec des applications cosmÃa9tiques intÃa9ressantes. Cette Ãa9tude est basÃa9e sur diverses expÃa9riences spectrophotomÃa9triques. Les analyses montrent d'une part que le resvÃa9ratrol agit comme substrat de la tyrosinase. D'autre part, le produit biotransformÃa9 semble inhiber l'activitÃa9 tyrosinase. Une application directe consiste Ã* combiner le resvÃa9ratrol avec d'autres agents dÃa9pigmentants de façon Ã* atteindre un effet synergique entre les deux actifs.

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