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are you talking about any old retin-A or retin-A micro? btw, it is a prescription medicine but you might find it online without a prescriptin.

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From what I've read, both are essentially the same. They both use the same ingredient Tretinoin. The only difference with the micro is that the ingredients are put into microspheres which release the Tretinoin slowly over time. This is supposed to keep the skin from getting irritated. So I guess to answer your question, regular Retin-A is probbaly faster, but also has a bigger chance of causing skin irritation.

oh btw, Retinol is not the same thing is Retin. Retinol is just a fancy name for regular Vitamin A. Retin is a prescription drug called Tretinoin, which is also a form of Vitamin A, but alot more potent.

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Big brands in skin care industry see the importance of Retinol (Vitamin A) as essential in production of skin care products, facial skin care products specifically.
It is essential in development and maintenance of healthy skin, hair, and mucous membranes. It can be found in sweet potato, carrot, mango, spinach (raw), papaya, apricot, cantaloupe, fat free milk, raw tomato, broccoli, green and red bell peper, eggs and orange.

In order to get best out of food that contains it, it is recommended that fruits and vegetables are used raw. Vegetables should be kept in the fridge and covered with foil. Also, steam and broil vegetables and avoid frying as much as possible.
Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for vitamin A is 700 RAE per day for women and 900 RAE per day for men.

Why is Retinol (Vitamin A) good for your skin?

When it comes to skin care, Retinol as a molecule is very small and capable of penetrating the skin's outer layer and regenerating the deeper layers that contain collagen and elastin. When it penetrates the skin, it stimulates the production of elastin and collagen resulting is smoother and more elastic skin. Importance of Retinol has been long known about in a form of homemade facial masks. Carrot is an excellent source of Retinol.

A medium size carrot has 1015 mg RAE of Vitamin A (Retinol) in it. It is also a good source of Coenzyme Q 10 which helps reduce the visibility of crow's feet.
Carrot Facial Mask


2-3 large carrots
4 1/2 tablespoons honey


1) Cook carrots, then mash.
2) Mix with honey.
3) Apply gently to the skin and wait 10 minutes.
4) Rinse off with cool water.

Cream Cheese and Carrot Face Mask


1 medium size carrot
2 tablespoons of cream cheese


1) Mash a carrot
2) Use 2 tablespoons of it
3) Mix with a tablespoon of cream cheese
4) Apply to face and neck
5) After 15 min rinse the face off water.

Anti-aging Carrot Face Mask

Use carrot juice either store bought or by extracting it yourself.
Add one egg yolk and a few drops of olive oil.
Mix it all and apply to face and neck.
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