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Ringed Eyes

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I have this dark ring around my eyes. It seems to follow the edge of my cheekbone and that is where it is darkest. The skin going up to my eye gets lighter, but it is kinda funny looking upon close inspection, like it has bunched up and wrinkled. I guess they are just bags caused by my awful sleeping habits.
I'm 18 and it's looked like this for several years, but I'm getting sick of it. I've started putting foundation (which I don't usually wear) just under my eyes to my cheekbones to cover the colouring.
I've tried a few eye creams but have not seen any difference.
Can you recommend anything?
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Are you drinking a lot of water and eating healthy? Bad diet can cause dark eye circles and bagginess.
Gently dot some concealer on the dark spots around your eyes, that will help cover it up. Careful to "pat" it on, no pulling or tugging.
Get some sleep, too.
Vitamin K will also help, you can find it readily available in pharmacies.
hi freddy. can you recomend any specifc brand or product with Vit K?

Here in Canada where I live the most popular pharmacy is Shoppers Drug Mart, they have their own brand called Life. Their vitamin K is in a rather thick gel format that applies with a small applicator that comes in the container.

To be honest with you, all the vitamin brands will be the same, what you need to look at is the IU (international units) which represents the amount of vitamin per serving, so the high the IU the higher the dosage.

You could also attack the circles in two ways, topically and internally. Apply the gel under the eyes and eat lots of dark green vegetables to get your dosage from the inside.

Hope this helps...
Have you tried visiting a specialist for your concern? It is hard to recommend products even that product works for me, but not sure if it will work on you. So, I advised you to see a derma near your place or ask your friends to refer one,I think, that might be the safest thing to do for now.

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