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Hello: anyone using Roc products?? if so what kind of reuslts are you getting??

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I have used Roc eye cream for years and think it is the best, at the moment i use Roc Retin Ox+. I have tried others as Roc is a bit expensive, so when i have seen ones advertised ie: L,Oreal, Garnier etc have given them a go, but i always go back to Roc, unfortunately i cant afford to use the face creams as well so generally use Avon which are good, but i would definately recommend Roc for the eyes.
thanks beautysearcher. I use eye cream and face cream retinol at night and lift eye gel and lift face cream in the day..............I'm getting small results, but it's difficult to see the results on yourself, do you find??
I think you notice the difference if you try something different for a while, then you realise how good the one you were using was, i try not to take any notice of advertising now as i know what works and try and stick with it.
that is very hard to do, you always see a new products that promises miracles.....................

I've been on this progrem for less than 2 months, they say that after 3 months I will see a huge difference in my skin..........we'll see....
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1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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