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Rodial Glamtox - has anybody used this cream?

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I have just been given a (free) sample of the Rodial Glamtox cream. I am patch-testing it at the moment (I have sensitive skin so always test any new creams first).

I just wondered if anyone else had tried it, and if so was it effective? It's so expensive at c. £95 a bottle, is it worth it? And is it worth it long term? It says on the bottle use for 6 months for best effect....

Sorry - forget to say that it's the SPF 18 day cream I have, although your opinions on any of the Rodial range would be good!
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I just bought this cream! And the Glamtox peel...there was a waiting list for it when it launched in November!! Actually, I think this cream is very good. It is not oily, or greasy. It is very nourishing. It is very expensive though. I bought it from Zuneta because they have a special discount for 1st time buyers. I used to use the face moisturiser from Malin & Goetz which you can also get there i saw. Maybe you should try that as it is made for people with more sensitive skin?
Thank you, I will have a look at the source you mention.

I must say I am impressed with the Glamtox cream so far - and no problems with the sensitive skin either. My skin feels nice than it has for ages. Which is a pain, as Glamtox is so expensive!

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