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I'm fed up with the garbage pills and creams the dermatologists keeping spewing out at their patients. I've been going for the past 5 years and it's always 'Keep trying this' or 'This MAY work' and yet there's been minimal results. Clearly I'm not the only one with this problem as I see plenty of people on here ranting about the same issue; other chat boards as well.

Infact, I went to the dermatologist today and he prescribed the same crap but slighty different medical ingredients. I felt like my head was going to explode. I wanted to say something but wasnt sure how and didnt want to sound ignorant because he's just dismiss the idea right away. Waiting 5 months to see him made it even worse.

The doctor at the clinic which I have to see to get a referal to see the dermatologist, had also said it was rosacea. Both dermatologists Ive seen have fed me the same crap. ' Moderate form of acne' 'It'll go away over time'
'Its nothing serious' I wonder how some of these doctors get their degrees.
And with looking over this board and others, like I said before, Im not the only one experiencing these problem.

I just need something to reduce the redness in my face as much as possible. It's always beat red like I just ran a marathon and with the ''blochy-ness'' and little scars it looks even worse than it should. Someone even mentioned to me I looked like I got a bad tan because of the rings around my eyes; the only spots the redness doesnt show up. How embarrassing is that?

It's just so frustrating. Just one big 'cancer' 'disease' where it matters most and at the worst possible time of my life. Its absolutely depressing because my skin used to look so nice, had a few girlfriends, and now I cant even look someone in the face.... It gets even worse than that.. but anyway

//End rant.

Anyway, the whole point of this thread is that I heard something about laser therapy. Laser treatment etc. This is what I wanted to mention earlier today but didnt know how because I dont know anything about it. I just heard about it recently.

Is the laser Therapy/treatment effective? Costly?(Quite frankly I dont care what it costs) Does it take a long time to see results? Can anyone provide info on this? I desperately need help. Really don't know what else to do

Is it really that much to ask to have nice looking skin?.. Luck of the irish my ***.

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Don't believe beauty experts telling you that its not the food you eat that causes your pimples. They want you to eat them so that you will continue to have pimples from time to time and their business will go on...

Avoid eating oily foods, sugar and sweets. You know foods that contain them I hope. Pineapples can also cause pimples but they actually cleanses your body causing pimples to break out and after that you have beautiful and luminous skin. So eat small amounts of pineapple fruit or take pineapple juice once a week and not everyday. However eating lots of calamansi fruits or juice will help dry our pimples. Citrus foods are also good at this but I find calamansi to be very effective. They even have the effect of drinking tea. You know after drinking tea your face tends to look luminous like you are applying pale bronzer or something.


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well where I live there's 2 dermatologists for about 200,000 people and one of them is part time only.

The creams he gave me have hardly worked granted it's been about a month and I know these things dont work overnight but at the rate it's moving, it would take years to clear up. Plus it's only making the scars fade, not the redness.

Also I've stopped trying with all the natural products and trying things such as 'lemon juice' as a toner or whatever it's meant to be used as. They dont work at all and I play hockey 4 days a week and eat/drink healthy so excerise and staying in good shape isnt an issue with my face.

One thing that concerns me though is that maybe it's not all genetic. When I was younger I use to play outside literally everyday and because of that maybe the sun has damaged my skin. Ive heard things about sun and environmental damage and wonder if that's had any effect on me now. Maybe chlorine damage since I often wouldnt take showers after going to the pool when I was younger, or after hockey sometimes either. A combonation of hair gel and sweat doesnt exactly favour your skin.

maybe i'm worrying about noting but does anyone know for sure if those above can have an effect?

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Anyway, the whole point of this thread is that I heard something about laser therapy. Laser treatment etc. This is what I wanted to mention earlier today but didnt know how because I dont know anything about it. I just heard about it recently.

Is the laser Therapy/treatment effective? Costly?(Quite frankly I dont care what it costs) Does it take a long time to see results? Can anyone provide info on this? I desperately need help. Really don't know what else to do

Is it really that much to ask to have nice looking skin?.. Luck of the irish my ***.
Hi there,

Here is some advice on acne skin care and natural acne treatment based on my 25 year knowledge and self experimentation;

For anyone who has suffered from acne, the embarrassment and stress an outbreak can bring are both memories you’d likely rather forget. To ensure acne does not recur, there are various actions you can take in prevention. Acne skin care starts with prevention above all else.

Acne Skin Care Grooming Tips
To best deal with the excess oil that builds up on the skin, use an astringent, especially if you have excessively oily skin. Additionally, do not use a moisturizer every day. However, a moisturizer with no oil is very useful directly after washing the skin when it is at its roughest.
Your products should be water based when at all possible so as to avoid the excess oil that some products can produce. Also use a sulfur-based soap twice a day to wash your face. Be gentle when washing though to avoid abuse of the skin. Scrubbing will negate the positive effects of your acne skin care.
Honey is a great facial mask product. It works as a disinfectant and in some cases to heal some blemishes. As a natural acne skin care product, it is believed to be one of the most effective. Long hair does not bode well for skin afflicted by acne either. The dust and oil in your hair brushing against your face will only serve to further clog pores and inflame acne.

Acne Skin Care through Nutrition and Supplements
There are plenty of vitamins and supplements you can take on a daily basis to increase the effectiveness of your acne skin care regiment. A multi-vitamin should be a part of your diet while an additional chromium supplement will serve to help your blemishes heal quicker. Vitamin A is a natural skin protector as well as an acne preventative, acting to reduce sebum.
Drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day will keep your skin clean and your body hydrated to promote overall health and subsequent skin health. Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables on a regular basis is not only a good healthy habit; it promotes acne skin care by combating the negative nutritional factors that can cause acne such as greasy food.

What Not to Do during Acne Skin Care
There are a variety of things you should avoid at all costs. Do no pop or squeeze pimples as it can easily lead to infection and further swelling or even scarring of your skin. Alcohol based skin care products should also be avoided as they promote the production of the hormones that cause acne. Wash your pillow cases and your sheets every day if possible to reduce oil transferred to your face. Stress is another common cause of acne, so try to find times to relax and not allow stress to overcome your body.
Ultimately, the proper combination of a healthy lifestyle and the right acne skin care techniques can ensure that your body remains as healthy as possible and keep your skin as clear as possible.

Natural Acne Treatment
Everyone reacts differently to acne treatments. The reason for this is that everyone’s body is different. Acne reacts differently to each of those bodies and subsequently requires different treatment options. For some people, the chemicals present in acne products do more harm than they help. This is a good reason why natural acne treatment is often a required addition to any arsenal when fighting an outbreak.
Another possible reason in turning to natural acne treatment is that over the course of time, the synthetic chemicals found in the salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide that most over the counter acne medications include stop working. The bacteria that causes acne start to mutate and can eventually become resilient to the chemicals.

The Natural Acne Treatment Alternatives
Therefore, many people have started turning to natural alternatives in their acne treatment. The affliction has been around for centuries and long before chemical means of combating it were discovered, natural acne treatment was used extensively. They are both safer in that they provide no immediate side effects and less expensive.

Fruit Masks
A facial mask made from any one of a variety of common fruits is a great natural acne treatment. The nutrients found in many fruits are a great tool in combating the bacteria in acne. Certain fruits such as avocados, apples, bananas, melons, and grapes are especially effective in this regard. A common method is to mix a combination of these fruits into a blender. You then make a puree and add a clay powder to thicken the mixture and act as a facial cleanser. Using the mixture, you then cover the face except for the eyes for 20 minutes before washing clean with cold water.

Oils and Herbs
Another popular natural acne treatment is the use of oils and herbs. They are much safer than benzoyl peroxide and many would argue more effective. They remove the excess sebum that causes acne in many cases and cost significantly less than medical treatments.

Egg Whites
The application of egg white to the face can often serve as a good natural acne treatment. It closes the pores of the face to stop future breakouts from occurring. Mix a bit of lemon juice with the egg white for a safe, effective facial mask.

A common combatant against many health afflictions is the regular detoxification of the body. By removing the toxins that build up in your body, you reduce the source of acne significantly. A common supplement you can take on a daily basis to help promote this process is flax seed oil.

The Advantages of Natural Acne Treatment
For those that have tried numerous over the counter solutions and are still seeking to relieve themselves of the repeated outbreaks of acne they suffer from, natural solutions are a great, inexpensive means of doing so. They do not introduce chemicals to the body, nor do they stop working when your body adjusts to them. For more details, you should discuss your acne with your dermatologist.


Maya McMahon
Skin Care Specialist
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