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Hi all,

I stumbled upon this website while doing rosacea research. I am 29 and have been battling rosacea since I was about 15. I recently went to a dermatologist as the condition was worsening, and all it did was *ruin* my skin. I was disappointed because the doctor spent less than 5 minutes with me on both visits, never asked about my diet, stress level or family history. My grandmother has moderate to severe rosacea (thanks grandma!) which is likely a factory in why I have rosacea. No one else in my family has rosacea, just Grandma and me. Rosacea has severely affected my confidence level and is holding me back at work (I work in the incrediby superficial fashion industry).

I hope by sharing my struggles and successes, it can help others. I also hope to get some feedback from others out there as to what works for them.

About my skin:
- Extremely sensitive
- Oily in T zone
- Flaky and dry on cheeks
- Bumps on cheeks
- Redness on cheeks and nose

What I have tried before:
- Cephalexin and Differin gel (I was incorrectly diagnosed with acne as a teenager, not rosacea)
Was allergic to cephalexin and differin burned my skin
- Doxycycline - did nothing
- Finacea- irritated my skin as it is derived from wheat (I am intolerant to wheat), created MORE bumps
- Desonide cream - did nothing
- Minocycline - Had an allergic reaction and it INCREASED redness/flushing
- Cetaphil face wash- dries my skin
- IPL treatments - worked the first time for about 5 months, subsequent treatments have done nothing
- Chemical peels- lessed bumps and redness but did not last more than 2 months
- Image brand rosacea formulated cleanser and lotion

What has been working
I am also a yoga teacher with a strong interest in natural health care. Clearly all the chemicals and typical treatments are not doing anything for me. I went to a nutritionist and had multiple tests performed - discovered I am intolerant to wheat and very allergic to soy. Also discovered I have low stomach acid and poor digestion! At least for me, there is a definite link between my gut and my face.

- Probiotics and enzymes
- Fish oil
- Other natural herbs to aid digestion (really recommend seeing a nutritionist on this one)

- Limited grains (1 serving/day, brown rice, quinoa or old fashioned GF oats)
- Limited fruit (1-1 1/2 servings/day)
- NO wheat or soy
- NO coffee (this one is killing me, I love coffee)
- NO hot drinks
- NO caffeine
- NO added/refined sugars
- NO dairy

Facial products
- Zia brand Fresh Cleansing Gel
- Zia brand Sea Tonic, Rosewater & Aloe Toner
- JASON brand Aloe Vera Moisturizer
After one night of using these products, I woke up in the AM to find all bumps on cheeks GONE and bumps on forehead extremely reduced! My skin also feels very soft and there is no flaking. Redness is mildly reduced
- Daily sunscreen (Neutrogena sensitive skin)
- Smashbox photo finish green correcting foundation base
- Jane Iredale minerals powder makeup

I am also looking in to trying Pratima products... not sure yet though! Has anyone had success with them?

Thanks for taking the time to read my story. Hope some of this info can help others!

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Welcome and great first post!
The medical products you have tried to control your rosacea seem more angled towards the acne aspect than the sensitivity aspect. One of our 'mad scientists', DragoN has posted a recipe for those with acne, rosacea, excessive sebum production or sensitive skin looking for anti-ageing. This is raved about by many on SCT

Someone the other day posted a link between rosacea, low stomach acid and Helicobacter infection which was a new one to me. I presume you are familiar with this and have been tested tho? Have you tried making all your skincare, bodycare and haircare free of sulphate surfactants and other known irritants? Is that Neutrogena product based on chemical sunscreen agents or just zinc and titanium?
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