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Hi everyone, Yes Rosacea is a cruel joke. I just figured I would have a porclean face when I reached my forties and look beautiful. Oh no, my face was constantly 'red'. I tried everything. Then I was looking through a magazine one day and there was my face (on someone else). I was shocked, I had exactly what was on her face. I was mad and depressed at the same time.

Well, off the the dermatologist, and topical creams etc. Now, I'm on medication and if I forget to take it I break out.

The interesting part is what you eat also affects your skin. No yogurt, I love yogurt. Not anymore though. Coffee, well I won't give that up. I have one in the morning with my breakfast and I'm happy. Hot spices is another issue.

Make up does a great job of covering up Rosacea thank goodness.
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Rishi...i have read a couple of your threads and feel for you in your situation. I would like to make the comment the although it is true that your husband may feel worse as he starts to deal with his childhood issues...unless he is willing to do this...they will always be there. It may not be easy for some time but it is never easy living with emotional baggage either...your own or someone elses, especially someone close to you, as im sure you are aware. He needs to see a professional so that one day he can become whole and free...maybe not completely but a whole lot more so. I know several males in my own life who are taking steps to deal with their issues..both close to me...and it has helped them.
Pumi...what brand of Vitamin C serum do you recommend?
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