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Hi everyone, Yes Rosacea is a cruel joke. I just figured I would have a porclean face when I reached my forties and look beautiful. Oh no, my face was constantly 'red'. I tried everything. Then I was looking through a magazine one day and there was my face (on someone else). I was shocked, I had exactly what was on her face. I was mad and depressed at the same time.

Well, off the the dermatologist, and topical creams etc. Now, I'm on medication and if I forget to take it I break out.

The interesting part is what you eat also affects your skin. No yogurt, I love yogurt. Not anymore though. Coffee, well I won't give that up. I have one in the morning with my breakfast and I'm happy. Hot spices is another issue.

Make up does a great job of covering up Rosacea thank goodness.
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kitty, I can understand your frustration. I've found that when my stress levels increase, my health suffers. Have you tried finding a stress relief activity? For me, a daily morning walk does wonders and helps me relieve my stress and relax my mind.
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